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Threads: The Revolutionary App by Meta That’s Reshaping Social Media Landscape


In a world dominated by social media giants, Meta Platforms, under the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg, has unveiled its latest creation, Threads. This cutting-edge application, closely tied to Instagram, aims to rival the already fragile position of Twitter. However, there’s a twist: Threads won’t be available in the European Union, leaving many wondering why.

Unveiling Threads: A New Era in Social Media: Threads, conceived and launched by Mark Zuckerberg himself, is an independent application that can be seamlessly integrated with Instagram. This means that future Threads users can retain their Instagram followers, given that Meta Platforms is the parent company, as well as their existing username. The app has even been dubbed as the “Instagram messaging app” on the Apple Store.

A Familiar Experience with a Twist: Threads bears a striking resemblance to the blue bird’s app, offering a general feed with messages that can be liked or commented upon. Within minutes of its launch, major companies such as Billboard, HBO, Variety, and several celebrities had already opened their Threads accounts. Mark Zuckerberg himself announced on his Threads account that “Ten million people registered in just seven hours,” as reported by the Huffington Post.

The DMA as a Regulatory Barrier: While Meta Platforms showcased its latest innovation, its potential competitor, Twitter, has been embroiled in numerous controversies since Elon Musk acquired the company for a staggering $44 billion in 2022. Musk recently announced a series of new restrictions on the platform, limiting the number of tweets non-verified users can access per day to 1000. This move sparked outrage among many Twitter users.

The European Conundrum: Although the timing seems favorable for Threads’ launch, not everyone can partake in the excitement. Unfortunately, the app is not yet available in the European continent, as it needs to comply with the new Digital Markets Act (DMA) that came into effect in May. The DMA aims to impose specific regulations on dominant internet companies, including Meta, to prevent anti-competitive practices.

Data Collection Concerns: Furthermore, it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Threads will collect personal data from users, including contact information and geolocation, for advertising purposes. The platform has explicitly informed users that it will also gather sensitive information such as health, financial details, browsing history, location, purchases, contacts, search history, and more, as reported by L’Express.

“In the EU, Meta has been prevented from launching advertising services on WhatsApp that leverage data from Facebook or Instagram. The tech giant is allowed to merge the two data streams in the United States, where privacy laws are less stringent,” stated The Independent.

Threads has unquestionably sparked intrigue and speculation with its arrival on the social media scene. As Meta Platforms seeks to disrupt the dominance of Twitter, the application faces unique challenges, including regulatory barriers and data privacy concerns. While users eagerly await its availability in the European Union, Threads promises to reshape the social media landscape and redefine the way we connect and engage with others.

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